Produce Shares

full produce share

Full Share

Our full share consists of nine veggies and five fruits weighing approximately 20 – 30 lb. It’s the perfect size for a family! We select 100% organic produce that you pick up within days of harvest.

$65.00 One-Time Purchase
$59.95 Every 2 Weeks
product halfShare

Half Share

Get the same variety as our full share, but less quantity. The half share fills a grocery bag and weighs approximately 10 – 15 lb. We recommend it for an individual or a family of two.

$40.00 One-Time Purchase
$34.95 Every 2 Weeks
product veggieShare

Veggie Only Share

Skip the fruit and get a larger quantity of the same nine veggies in our full share. You’ll find that our veggies last a long time because they were harvested just days before you pick them up!

$55.00 One-Time Purchase
$49.95 Every 2 Weeks
product fruitShare

Fruit Only Share

Can’t get enough of our fruit? Get a box full of at least 5 varieties with this share. We guarantee you’ll taste the difference from what you might pick up at the store.

$40.00 One-Time Purchase
$34.95 Every 2 Weeks

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