Biofarm Eggs, Poultry, & FL Grass-fed Beef

Chicken raised with the highest standards for quality you can taste.
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Pastured Chickens & Grass-fed Beef

Livestock enjoy sunlight and fresh grass every day.

The Finest Feed

Fresh greens and organic, non-GMO, soy-free feed.

Chemical, Hormone & Antibiotic Free

Only the cleanest, freshest products.

Processed On Site

The most humane and clean treatment possible.

Order Deadline

All of our farm food  (this includes eggs, poultry, all items other than the produce shares) comes from small farms and local vendors, and everything is processed to order. The deadline to order farm food is 5:00 PM on the Monday following pickup. If you order after the deadline, your products will be available on the following pickup week.

About Biofarm

We love working with the people at Biofarm because they go above and beyond organic standards for their chickens. They have developed an innovative coop design that protects chickens while allowing them to roam outdoors, and they invest heavily in the finest feed and fertilizer. Bio farm organic maintains this level of humane treatment and respect from farm to table by processing chickens on site and delivering them to us within days. You’ll see and taste the difference in Biofarm eggs and poultry!