Our Mission

To promote clean eating in our community by making the freshest, healthiest, most delicious organic produce accessible, convenient and affordable.

How We’re Different

Strong Partner Relationships

We hand pick our farms and vendors so we can deliver on our promised values and support the local businesses.

Educated Volunteer Hosts

We train our hosts and treat them well so we can maintain quality and ensure a consistent experience for members.

Happy Recurring Members

We keep members coming back for more so we can maintain consistent quantities for our partners and keep costs low.

Regular Community Outreach

We donate excess produce to local food kitchens so we can give back to the community and reduce food waste.

Our Food Sourcing Standards

Clean Farming Practices

100% Certified Organic Produce
Non-GMO Produce
Direct, Organic-Only Delivery

Natural Animal Care & Feeding

Pasture-Raised Animals
Grass-Fed Beef, Lamb & Goat
Organic Feed for Other Animals

Food in its Natural State

Raw Dairy
Fermented Food
No Preservatives or Additives