Classic Cashew Milk Lightly Sweetened 1 Pt.



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Our Classic Cashew Milk is the perfect healthy “milk” alternative. Our cashew milk has a creamy texture and nutty taste. It’s delicious on, with, or inside anything that you would normally use regular milk for. We love drinking it straight out of the glass or pouring a little into our morning coffee. We pour it on our breakfast cereals or into smoothies/healthy shakes. We even love using it to bake! Our nut milks are handmade using presoaked nuts in alkaline 10 water, removing enzyme inhibitors and tannins, making them naturally sweet and delicious and easy to digest. Our nut milks are great dairy-free alternatives, and contain no cholesterol, no trans fat, no GMO’s and no lactose, and are safely consumed by the lactose-intolerant and others avoiding dairy products. 


Refrigerated Shelf Life:  5-7 days, Frozen:  4 weeks 

Pre-soaked organic raw cashews, alkaline 10 water, organic dates, organic vanilla extract, Himalayan salt 

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